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About me

I am a freelance sound engineer singer/songwritter and music producer living in Mumbai.I was raised in Karnal, where I developed a love for music and audio recording.and completed my platinum producer course from beatfactory delhi

And became infatuated with all aspects of sound. I quickly realized that sound for visual media was more to my liking, and focused all of my attention on making sure i was completely immersed in it. The concepts and challenges that were presented in front of me were completely enthralling

I first worked professionally with A S MEDIA at the age of twenties, playing with live bands as a guitarist and went on to become an acclaimed songwriter, penning my first Top 12 single songs.
I have worked on various other artists recordings and live shows and tours with in different cities. I also provide an online mixing and mastering service and worked closely with music producers as a young musician and songwriter, and soon developed an understanding of a producer’s role within the recording process, involving myself in every stage of recordings, from pre-production in the rehearsal studio, through to the finishing.Has more than 3 years of experience. I specialize in high quality sound for music. Being a professional studio engineer as well as a professional live sound engineer makes me very versatile.

My passion for high quality audio makes a valuable asset to every project.

I have a Home based studio space with an extensive collection of high quality audio equipment.Having gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, and after deciding to focus my career on production and song writing, and was soon being asked to produce records for other artists and bands. Soon realising that not all clients could afford to make their records in expensive recording studios, So decided to set up my own, cost-effective home studio.. And now works from a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, and produces work for every aspect of the music and audio business.

My enthusiasm for high quality audio, my understanding of audio engineering at a scientific level and my extensive professional experience make me popular.

Course Name platinum music producer Institute Name beat factory
Start Date 01-06-2013 End Date 10-01-2014
Course Name performing arts Institute Name asms
Start Date 10-06-2015 End Date 01-06-2017
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, Punjabi
Category : Composer
Instruments : Guitar (electric, Acoustic)
Work preference
Available In : Mumbai
Availability : Short-term
Role music producer, sound engineer
Start Date End Date
Complete diverse audio projects for web series, movies and marketing purposes.
Record sounds in-studio and on locations to obtain necessary tracks. Keep all equipment in good working order to maximize sound quality.
Set up equipment on-site including microphones and recording devices.

Collaborate with clients to determine project scopes and set milestones.
Project Name
Start Date End Date