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Male And Female Models Required For Talent Hunt

Posted on 27 Jun 2019
Expires on 27 Jul 2019
Posted by Bridgekala luxurious lifestyle


In normal belief the definition of models is good height and perfect physique. . . . But
The Global Model has a New Definition of the Model.
Fashion Guru Kailash & Deepika believes,
that Modeling & Acting Profession depends upon the Outer Personality & the Inner Ability & Talent Where Outer personality means your physical appearance, your fitness, and your activeness and on the other hand the Inner personality means your capability/skill as a Model, ability to present the product/the brand through your Act, Gesture, Attitude or voice, as per the demand of the script and as per the vision of the client. So,
• MODEL IS A PERSON who has the ability to present the product or the brand through their Act, Body Gesture, Voice Modulation & Attitude.
• MODEL IS ALSO A PERSON, Who has unique abilities & talent, which may inspire others & create Follower
• MODEL IS ALSO A PERSON, Who is blessed with specific Physique Qualities Like: Good Hair, Good Eyes, Lips, Teeth/Smile, Neck
Your attitude, confidence, understanding power & belief in yourself add extra flavor to your strength as a Model. You will get modeling assignments, as per your ability to express & your physical appearance.
The choice of physical shape depend upon the product to product, or up to the vision & choice of the client/Director. So you have many chances to come into this profession because products and services are unlimited who wants to showcase their product with your professionalism as an model/actor/talent holder.
• You are married or not, single mother or father or in whatever your personal life is, {except the people who are in good news (pregnancy)}, there is no marriage criteria,
• You are welcome to participate, because the client generally don’t ask for your marital or personal status. Client just look at your personality & abilities and assume your suitability for their product/brand etc. in the manner they want to present.


Job category Model, Actor, Dancer
Job type Model Job in Delhi Ncr
Specific dates 30 Jun 2019 to 2 Jul 2019
Number of vacancies20
Pay basis one time
Location Delhi NCR

Talent preference

Age range 18-45 years
Gender Male, Female
Artist Testimonials
Purna Shakti

I recently got selected for an event through Talentrack and I had an incredible experience. I highly recommend Talentrack to all artists.

Purna Dancer
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