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Lead Female Actor For Short Films ( Ms. Beautiful Feet World)

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Posted on 29 Jun 2017
Expires on 1 Oct 2017
Posted by Adroit in media pvt. ltd.(this recruiter have viewed 102 portfolios)


We require Caucasian female models/actors, preferably knowing Spanish.
Smart and Intelligent look, slim built, Should care very much for her feet and have Very Beautiful feet,
For feet related product promotion and short films.,
About MBFW Ms. Beautiful Feet World In our view.. in a Woman everything is beautiful and the beauty starts and is at its epitome at her Feet!!! The purpose of MBFW is to erase the "fetish" from the "Feet"..., our slogan is... "Feet are everything... Fetish is for everything else!"

We produce short films where the theme is to present and focus on feet, as feet being the most erotic , our videos have no nudity and no vulgarity, our erotic ingredient is all focused on the feet, the beauty and sexiness of the female feet and how they can be erotically enjoyed in various different themes and settings where the male actor is loving the feet of the female actor by kissing and licking her feet most passionately and in creative themes and settings of different scripts.

Audition script

The Foot Stool: a Web Series...
The story plot: Two prospective business partners a male and the other Female., meet to finalize the terms of the deal, everything goes smoothly, when the male model excuses himself out of the room to take a call., in his absence the female character feeling tired, removes her shoes/sandals and places her feet on the table, when the male character returns to the room, he sees the female character with her feet on the table and he becomes very disturbed and distracted so much so that he can not coherently respond to any work at hand.., the female senses this and mentions it to him and asks him why is it so.., and feels may be if she inadvertently put her feet on the table he is uncomfortable , he then shares to her his innermost feelings about being attracted to feet of women.., and she counsels him and they experiment different themes of creatively admiring her feet by kissing her feet, licking her feet, sucking her feet etc.. in varied themes and role plays


Job category Actor, Model
Duration Part time
Job type Actor Shoot in Mumbai
Number of vacancies3
budget 6,000-15,000
Pay basis Per day
Location Mumbai

Talent preference

Age range 20-27 years
Gender Female
Based in Mumbai
LanguageInternational language
ExpertiseActing, Dancing
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