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As I am , open minded but focused, passionate and creative person with an excellent ability to show the vision, future or social issues .
and i am a self taught filmmaker ...... I was with advertising for 3 years before I started making films and that's where the craft of film-making...
I started getting acquainted with a crafter film-making and there it was particularly . I was very fortunate to have been able to go through
that phase because that taught me the precision of communication the twenty-second precision and the detail which in a way . I was finding the
resonance of which we are finding in SATYAJIT ROY & RITUPARNO GHOSH FILMS and if some they always been this unseen mentor to me and watching
his films they wanted to become a Filmmaker . I thought always the most important thing is " learn the rhythm of film-making "...... and that's came
from "Roy" & "Ghosh"......
Basically I thought " Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard ".......
And last of the list m film , commercial add & documentary maker ...... story , script & concept writer ... as per as freelance photo journalist in "Time's Of India"

Course Name Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calcutta(Painting , Sculpturing & Indian History) & Diploma of Journalism , Mass communication &Human Psychology Institute Name (Govt. Art College) & (Jadavpur University)
Start Date 10-04-2007 End Date 23-02-2013
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Chiriya , Nach , Burnin Calcutta , Dr. Subhas Mukherjee DOCUMENTARY ,
Role story writer , script writer , director ,
Start Date 02-08-2012 End Date 28-06-2017
Director / Story / Script / Concept writer
Experienced with the weekly tabloid named Bhorer Bharat as an Editor.
Experienced with Tara News channel as a Reporter in Entertainment.
Experienced with 24ghonta News channel as a Reporter in Entertainment .
Experienced with Times Of India Freelance Photo Journalist .
One of my Short Film " Burning Calcutta " its nominated in Cannes short film festival in 2012 .
One of my Documentary "NACH" it's should out in France in 2012 .
One of my documentary (On the sub : Dr. Subhas Mukherjee) and One of my Short film “Chiriya” (3min) was screened on Calcutta International Short Film Festival in 2014.
And last 3years m doing freelance Photography & Concept write for Commercial Add .
Presently working on Short films , Documentary's and Commercial Adds... as a Freelance Asst. Director , Director , Art Director , Story , Script & Concept Writer.....
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