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Prachi Singh, an Artist and Graphic Designer, from India is known for her Smooth, Subtle and Vibrant creativity. Since her childhood she was passionate for paintings. Art and Paintings were her hobbies and gradually it became a LOVE for her.

She believes painting is a means of visual communication, a perception and representation of intensity. It is giving birth to our thoughts, emotions and feelings in a pictorial form. It’s a way to share and touch the lives of others.

Just like a Painter is one who paints the painting, Prachi believes that everyone is the Creator of his Life. The rules we make, choose and craft our life with – makes us Fully Alive. The kindness keeps growing within us.

Her paintings depicts her level of Thinking, Imagination, the material objects she is Inspired by and the way she looks at Life.

Language : Hindi, English
Painting Media : Pastel, Acrylic, Watercolor
Other Skills : Digital, Sketching
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Prachi Creatives
Role Artist
Start Date 15-01-2016 End Date 15-05-2016
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