Ajit Wagharephotographer | mumbai

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Photographers typically do the following:
Market and advertise services to attract clients
Analyze and decide how to compose a subject
Use various photographic techniques and equipment
Capture subjects in commercial-quality photographs
Enhance the subject’s appearance with natural or artificial light
Use photo enhancing software
Maintain a digital portfolio, often on a website, to demonstrate work

Course Name Advance Photography Institute Name live wire
Start Date 16-01-2016 End Date 30-03-2016
Course Name Graphic and Web Design Institute Name Arena Animation Academy Dadar
Start Date 01-01-2012 End Date 23-01-2013
Course Name Bcom Institute Name MPES Parel
Start Date 21-06-2015 End Date 06-03-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Specialty : Fashion, Action / Sports, Event, Travel, Family Function, Wedding, Wildlife, Landscape
Language : English, Marathi, Hindi
Work Preference
Available In : Mumbai
Availability : Part Time
Test Shoot
Role Photographer
Start Date 09-05-2016 End Date 10-05-2016
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