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Born and bought up in Dubai (UAE) studied from UAE and UK. Mentioned by professional summary: Public speaking: Information speaker -beginner level Persuasive speaker -professional level Motivational speaker -professional level Acting: Street acting - beginner level Stage acting - intermediate level Method acting - intermediate level Grooming workshops: Neeraj kabi- experience acting? (Basic and intermediate training) Professional experience: Cameo shoot as Ram for Ramayan for annandham channelMr beach body UAE 2015Cosmopolitan magazine most desired bachelor middle east 2015 Skills: Art of studying body languageVoice modulationMartial arts- (chhau)YogaFitness modellingVersatile actorPublic speaking Attitude and professionalism: I come for humble beginnings and learnings that pushed me in the most uncomfortable situations as an actor. I have always evolved as a raw actor growing from auditions and eventually getting groomed professionally.? Being a student of the craft; am ever evolving my personality from being an? ordinary banker to an entrepruner From being a lawyer and eventually an everyday transforming actor. I am still a student; learning and implementing my everyday life experiences into the craft that allows me to be courageous and relentless till I perfect myself.

course name High school institute name Indian high school
start date 01-03-1994 end date 03-03-2008
course name College-associates in business studies institute name American college of Dubai
start date 01-03-2009 end date 03-05-2010
course name College- Business management and public speaking institute name University of Wales UK
start date 03-05-2010 end date 03-05-2012
course name Neeraj Kabi theatre and acting workshop institute name Neeraj Kabi
start date 01-03-2016 end date 07-03-2016
course name institute name
start date end date
physical stats
height : 5 feet 10 inches
weight : 73kg
bust : 34 inches
waist : 32 inches
hips : 30 inches
chest : 40 inches
biceps : 15 inches
hair type : wavy
hair length : medium
language : hindi, english, sindhi, international language
expertise : acting, voice over, modeling, anchoring
work preference
available in : anywhere in india
availability : full time
Cameo shoot for Anandham channel
role Ram
start date 01-04-2016 end date 02-04-2016
cameo shoot for a new shoot
project name
start date end date
Coming Soon.