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Course Name B.tech Computer Science Institute Name Vellore Institute of Technology
Start Date 02-07-2012 End Date 19-05-2016
Course Name Advanced Camera and Lighting Techniques Institute Name Asian Academy of Film & TV
Start Date 24-10-2016 End Date 17-01-2017
Course Name Institute Name
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Specialty : Fashion, Landscape, Wildlife, Action / Sports, Event, Photojournalism, Family Function, Travel, Architecture, Food, Commercial
Language : English, Hindi
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The Umbrella Man
Role Director and Cinematographer
Start Date 01-07-2016 End Date 15-11-2016
The Umbrella Man is a no budget silent short film created by a small and a dedicated crew of college students. The short film is based on a serial killer in an unknown location in the late 70's.

Our whole lives we wait for that moment. The moment which usually never comes, but sometimes it does. And when it does, we ask, "was it all worth it?"
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